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iPhone 15: Prices in Germany

We present you the prices of the latest iPhone model and compare them with the prices in the USA.

Apple Logo in Frankfurt, Germany.

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Apple Logo in Frankfurt, Germany.

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The prices of the different iPhone 15 models vary widely. We have picked out the prices of the basic models for you. Depending on how much storage you want, you will pay more.

Are iPhones more expensive than in the USA?

If you compare the prices for the new iPhones in Germany and the USA, you can see that there are enormous differences. The following table shows a comparison of the prices for all standard models of the iPhone 15.


Price in Germany

Price in US


iPhone 15

1011,75 $

799 $


iPhone 15 Plus

1171,67 $

899 $


iPhone 15 Pro

1278,28 $

999 $


iPhone 15 Pro Max

1544,82 $

1199 $



Why are iPhones more expensive in Germany?

There are several reasons why iPhones might appear more expensive in Germany compared to the US:

Taxes: In the US, the displayed price for products often excludes sales tax, as this varies by state. In Germany, the prices always include Value Added Tax (VAT), which is currently 19%. This means the price you see in the US usually needs taxes added on, whereas the price in Germany already includes the tax.

Import Duties and Tariffs: Import costs and duties can increase the costs of goods brought into the EU. Even though Apple manufactures parts of its products globally, such costs can influence the final price for consumers in certain countries.

Exchange Rates: Prices are often adjusted to account for fluctuations between the US dollar and the Euro. This can make products appear more expensive in one country than another, depending on the strength of the respective currency.

Market Adjustments: Companies like Apple might adjust their prices for specific markets based on a variety of factors including purchasing power, competition, and local market conditions.

Cost of Doing Business: The costs of doing business, such as labor, rents, etc., can vary across countries. This might also affect the final prices.

Warranty and Consumer Protection: In some countries, including Germany, there are stricter consumer protection laws which mandate longer warranty periods or other benefits for consumers. These added requirements can lead to higher costs for companies, which might be reflected in the final price.

While it's true that iPhones often seem pricier in Germany than in the US, it's essential to consider all these factors to get an accurate comparison.

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