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Heavy Cream in Germany

We show you which products you can use to replace heavy cream in recipes in Germany.

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When you enter a German supermarket, the dairy aisle might surprise you with a variety of cream-based products, each with its unique name and purpose. Here are some alternatives for heavy cream that you can buy in Germany.

Finding Heavy Cream in Germany

1. Schlagsahne

In Germany, heavy cream is often referred to as "Schlagsahne" or sometimes simply "Sahne". It's the cream you'd whip to make whipped cream. Schlagsahne typically contains a fat content of about 30-36%. It is the go-to cream for making whipped cream in German households and pastry shops. If you're planning on baking a traditional German dessert, or simply want to top off your hot cocoa with a dollop of homemade whipped cream, Schlagsahne is what you should reach for.

2. Süße Sahne or Sahne

Süße Sahne, often just referred to as Sahne, is very similar to Schlagsahne. The difference in nomenclature often boils down to brand labeling or regional preferences. Both creams serve the same purpose and can be whipped or added to sauces and desserts for a rich texture.

3. Kaffeesahne

For those who love a splash of cream in their coffee, Kaffeesahne is the German answer. With a fat content of around 10%, it's a lighter cream meant specifically for enhancing the flavor of coffee without overpowering its essence. Unlike heavy creams, Kaffeesahne won't whip, so its primary function is as a liquid additive.

4. Saure Sahne

Translating to 'sour cream', Saure Sahne contains around 20% fat and is used in various recipes to add a tangy flavor profile. From toppings for baked potatoes to essential ingredients in certain stews or dips, Saure Sahne is a staple in many German kitchens.

5. Schmand & Creme Fraiche

Both Schmand and Creme Fraiche can be likened to richer, creamier versions of sour cream, with fat contents hovering between 20-30%. While Schmand is often found in traditional German dishes, Creme Fraiche has its origins in France but has become widely popular and available in Germany. They are versatile and can be used in both sweet and savory dishes.

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Where to Buy These Creams?

For those in Germany or planning a visit, you'll find these cream varieties in any supermarket or grocery store, typically in the dairy or refrigerated section. Popular brands to keep an eye out for include "Ehrmann", "Weihenstephan", and "Müller". For quality assurance, always check the fat content on the label to ensure you're picking the right product for your culinary needs.

This is how you can find a replacement for heavy cream in Germany.

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This is how you can find a replacement for heavy cream in Germany.

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